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Fill out this form, and the DJ will do their best to play your requests. You might even get a shout-out!

If your song doesn't get played right away, please be patient. This isn't as easy as we make it look. If you don't hear your song by the time the event is over, it is either because we didn't have it, we ran out of time, or it violated one of the rules listed below.

Have fun, and be safe!



  • If your song has been played already, it will not be played again.

  • If your song doesn't match the vibe of what is making people dance, it may not be played immediately or at all. We're here for everyone to have a good time! You can always listen to your favorite slow jam/oldie/throwback/mixtape on the drive home.

  • If this is a clean event, songs without clean versions will not be played.

  • If this is a clean event, we will not play songs with inappropriate themes or suggestive lyrics, lyrics that encourage violence, discrimination, or other forms of hatred.

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